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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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for climate fiction is booming. and we'll be strutting down the paris cap walks to see all the latest oarsmen winter fashion trends. in recent years there's been lots of talk about former colonial powers returning cultural jams mostly taken from africa that were looted in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in germany's case we're talking about thousands of objects currently in german museums that were mostly taken from namibia which was a german colony until 915 the namibians want what they rightly considered as return and this week germany has created a central office to deal with the restitution of such cultural abbots assets not only for the maybe but it is then that the wounds of the colonial rule of the deepest. the german colonial era has left deep scars in namibia
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artifacts from that country are still held in german newseum including the remains of people who had been brutally dehumanised. the remains of people into objects through the boiling of corpses down to bone at the side of the grave of the stuffing of the corpse into a battle of salt in the history of museum collecting indigenous people. are turned into objects through serialization and quest if acacia. the pain left by this violence is omnipresent in many african cultures people's ancestors live on and that means their remains do as well because in the back is complicated there are 7000 museums in germany and most of the exhibits from the colonial era have no documentation to even extend human use e m's have the federal government sitting at the table with its usually museums
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where the federal states are involved so there isn't one single national museum as there often are in african countries but rather a greater diversity of museums unified while restitution of human remains is moving ahead things are going more slowly with as no logical examines african experts are outraged by european suggestions that the continent lacks proper museums to display those objects there are some things that supposed to die there are some things that are holding us spiritually there are some things that really were created not to live and we hold museum eyes them and we have kept them posted yes and some communities i think give us a block so that they can go so that we can have peace because we're having problems if you do we need to be colonised and it is our problem if we want them to keep them in the forest or what would be good but is there it is all. ringback the german. military stole a bible and a whip from henrik maybe as national hero there restitution linden museum in
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early 2900 sparked the debate over whether exhibits are absolutely necessary to define a museum. which is what we think that it's important we give to our children for the future so it's a so and is it up to it or is that story than in the museum doesn't have the bible and the wick but it has an incredible amount of stories of controversy. that tells a lot about how human beings who are. museum conversations are deliberately being held without politicians in an intimate tense and university landscape in a township of into. the great institute has created a strong network of experts which will be faced challenging task. especially bill and on that we're talking about countries with different tribes in the liver there are 30 or 40 things that other countries have 50 or 60 different tribes living together people who belong together who have
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a common language and culture and so i see a big role for museums to play in africa more actively supervising this combining a kind of nation there's not much doubt about. the museum conversations are a laboratory of exchange amid an emotional minefield they've not yet come up with answers to the big questions of restitution but they have resulted in improved mutual understanding and trust and there will be further conversations. frank is host of the biggest sport fair in the world at the moment and one of the biggest topics being talked about around the world right now is climate change so this is naturally the topic of the book fair to. climate fiction is booming melting glaciers and rising sea levels are great plot material for novelists but with extreme weather affecting us all it's also a topic for nonfiction authors writing about the dangers the world is facing.
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increasingly writers are addressing the climate crisis a new book by bestselling author jonathan so from 4 is titled we are the weather saving the planet begins at breakfast it's an appeal to all of us to change our eating habits. it doesn't always look or feel big often looks and feels quite modest. i'm going to have oatmeal or so i know in my coffee instead of cow's milk all right that doesn't work well on a bumper sticker or a t. shirt nobody you know raise the fist of the sky and says oh but if we all did it if we all made changes just like that. we would save the planet. along with nonfiction books there's also a growing genre of what's called climate fiction that includes the novel the history of bees by norwegian writer my in london it's starting point is the startling decline in global
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b populations. and she's just published the 3rd book in her climate quartet which is about the survival of a rare horse and about taking responsibility for both humans and nature. oh yeah we understood on my. objective level that we should change the way we live because our planet meet needs it but now we start to understand more deeply and i think it novel scruby a way to get that understanding but at least that's what the reduced salary me in the topic of the climate has never before been so prominent at the book fairs german language section especially in the form of nonfiction and self-help books revenues for books on the topic have risen 10 percent this year the demand for information seems endless the book fair has responded with panel discussions on the
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relationship between man and nature the climate. crisis is definitely helping to sell books. and publishing houses are trying to do their bit by improving sustainability. some have done away with plastic packaging and the heights plink publishing group has resolved to reduce its c o 2 footprint. option and it was by far the greatest problem is the paper producing it consumes lots of energy that makes up 70 percent of our cereal to footprint and face another part comes from transporting the paper and the books together that's amounts to another 20 percent and we also consider the ciro to output of our business trips and our employees commutes to. have ties and. the company is showing the way forward for the industry and taking a big step toward greater environmental responsibility. a smaller publisher meanwhile has gone completely climate friendly with notebooks made of graphs paper
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that's fully compostable environmental awareness has arrived in the world of books and published. on a lighter note now a look at the latest fashions specifically what's fashionable heading into this winter here in europe leather is all vogue again and color wise it's 50 shades of beijing i would say so we've got a kind of fashion color of the parish as for you including some hollywood stars looking for the latest trends. rock'n'roll intermezzo system in one out actress jennifer lawrence likes it too this autumn and winter a mix of masculine and feminine elements are trendy such as delicate grooming dresses with chunky boots says fashion journalistic sponsor. it's a mixture of between a rock n roll girl which is usually a black and quite strong but it can also be that sort of bow has. the
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print kind of fabric 'd a larger maybe ruffles and you can mix the 2 together wherever you look letter not just a black but also fred. and speech. jackets trousers dresses and even jumpsuits as worn by influence or a livia palermo. and parisian designer cecile quartets. going to cuba and i love to feel like a comet or smell of level it's sensual it's also an issue in this season leather is a really big if you don't have something to lever you don't have any fraying so you really should have at least a pair of leather pads which can be very slow or very large as well the color for winter this year is be along with all shades of brown german model stephanie is a fan. alice still be
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a brown khaki rich earthy towns that every woman needs them and every man to you know i love it from head to toe all in. austrian pop singer in t.v. show host victorious for sporting 2 hot trends the color big and checks and. i really like to check back now as we know the freshman ball right now mike this one especially because the squares acerbic and you get smaller ones also in but for me this big pattern is super. bowl check prints are indeed everywhere. from chanel and brown and white and black and white. to deal or where they come in black and red and black and green. and those daring enough should go for it this winter. are allowed short pants. and long delivery or fluffy as. we hadn't seen kate's on the runways for a while there were
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a lot of capes in the seventy's and capes are back and capes are great for the day for the evening it's sort of. she kind of bores. maybe a little sylar all. style. down they go well with boots. over the knee. cowboy style. worn chunky worn by pants or dresses. british actress helen mirren is always stunning even in bare feet she's no slave to the fleeting whims of fashion. fashion is moving i think to foster i think you know. trends should have time to develop and you know slowly become something else rather than ok it was that last last not leaving last year. 3 months ago was that so let's do something else either way the world's fashionistas are now
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ready for winter bring it on. and not me we all have to rush out to the shops and go back for more of the wide spectrum that has. just go to our website. and you'll find something. personal. for me and old crew here about.
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they sound in time to sing but are a drain on natural resources guitars made of african a mini. forest across the region are threatened the american guitar builder is taking responsibility. financing kemeny reforestation incoming. eco in africa. nigel minutes on g.w. . take a trip on aussie go christmas market hopping with d.w. and cologne and a woman will go up to town by airfare and hotel are included for you and a guest. just tell us which german street is your favorite. what's the most beautiful place in germany. what would you like to explore most to enter check in
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at g.w. dot com slash travel good luck and enjoy some most. cutting through the noise. floor i come from people are known for being tough but fair york and a lot of people tell it like it it was good to call it the concrete jungle the melting pot the city that never sleeps if this energy that makes it feel like cold but amid the hustle it's important to listen and pay attention because it's not just the loudest voices who most of the current we all have a story to tell. i see it as my job as a journalist to go beyond the obvious now i'm based in europe and my work takes me around the world but my instinct is for me to say to tell the important stories behind the headlines what is the heart of the story why does it matter who live in paris. to stay focused if you want. to cut through the noise to get to the truth.
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by david sterritt kelly and i want to do double. play the by. the by. the by. this is d. w. news live from berlin barcelona is at a standstill and made widespread outrage over the jailing of catalan separatist leaders tens of thousands of take the streets for a 5th day of mass protests a general strike has caused widespread destruction at a key soccer match is postponed violence flares the sound massed protesters clashed with police in the city center. a fierce gun battle breaks out as mexico tracks
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down the saga of the notorious drug lord as chapal edley.


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